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IT Services



Computer Services of the Department of Mathematics and Physics are mainly involved in the management of network services, assistance to the Administration, the Education and Services. Staff also promotes, organizes, manages and collaborates on projects for the modernization and expansion of computer systems in use, and at the same time proposes, coordinates and takes care of the integration of new information systems useful to the achievement of the activities of scientific research.


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BITELLI Federicobitelli@fis.uniroma3.it1407266
CALVANI Claudiocalvani@fis.uniroma3.it1407292
CELIO Paolacelio@fis.uniroma3.it1547232


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ANGELINI Andreaandrea@mat.uniroma3.itA18242
GRASSO NUNES Marlymarly@mat.uniroma3.it2128223
MANFRONI Tizianamanfroni@mat.uniroma3.itA18237