First Level

Second Level

First Level

The first level of undergraduate mathematics studies consists of a three-year program.
It offers a wide range of subjects, and is well suited for both the professionally inclined and the academically inclined student.
Special features of this program include:

  • An evaluation test designed to guide the new student;
  • Tutoring services and complete and up to date online services;
  • Specific programs for theoretical computer science, scientific calculus and general mathematics.

Second Level

This is a two-year program which offers a wide range of subjects, from pure mathematics to theoretical computer science.

It provides a high level of specialization, well suited for entering the job market at highly qualified levels as well as for accessing postgraduate research oriented programs.

Students with a degree of the first level from Roma Tre can directly access this second level program. The choice of subjects is very flexible



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President of Math and Computational Sciences courses

Prof. Guido Gentile