Computational Sciences

Our department offers a new upper division undergraduate program (2nd level or Laurea Magistrale) in Computational Sciences.  The aim is to provide a new kind of mathematics degree with special focus on interdisciplinary training in subjects such as computer science, applied mathematics, and physics.  
Students will have the opportunity to study the foundations of computer science and scientific calculus and to implement the theory in numerous applied settings.  The  high level of specialization provided is well suited for entering the job market at highly qualified levels as well as for accessing postgraduate research oriented programs.
The choice of subjects is very flexible with two main curricular options: Computer Science and Numerical Modelling. In both cases the courses will provide theoretical foundations as well as computational laboratory practice with applications to modelling, scientific calculus and programming.
This second level program is accessible to all students with a degree of the first level (Laurea Triennale) in any scientific discipline.



Maria Novella Ilias, Alessandro Caradossi
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President of Math and Computational Sciences courses

Prof. Guido Gentile